Custom CRM Development Services

CRM is an invaluable piece of software for any business that works with a large number of customers and partners. Ternala can develop for you a custom CRM solution that will make the process of managing your leads quick and convenient. Our development team will help you identify which features you truly need and will develop a custom-built user-friendly system.

  • Allow you to gather, store and manage client data.

  • Strengthen relationships with customers and partners.

  • Streamline communication processes.

  • View purchase history and activity on social media.

  • Improve the trustworthiness of your brand.

  • Optimize work processes.

  • Lower operating cost.

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Key Beneficiaries & Features they'll Receive

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Lead Acquisition, Profiling, Personalization

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Automation of Marketing and Workflow

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Analytics and Reporting

Lead acquisition, profiling, and personalization

Build and Maintain the Database

The most important feature of CRM software is to make the process of lead acquisition and profiling easier, quicker, and more effective.

With the help of our development team, you’ll be able to:

  • Consolidate your data in one place.

  • Manage your contacts more effectively.

  • Prevent data loss.

  • Standardize the sale process.

  • Optimize everyday operations.

  • Personalize promotion campaigns.

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Data Acquisition

We can develop for you a convenient CRM solution for gathering, storing, and retrieving client data. Store contact information in one place and access it easily. You’ll be able to acquire data from various sources.

  • Contact forms

  • Search engines

  • Phone calls

  • Social media

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Profiling and Personalization

Additionally, within the CRM solution, you can have the ability to categorize your clients based on various criteria. You can also use CRM software to create personalized and consistent experiences which may help increase conversions and boost brand awareness.

  • Divide customers into groups by different qualities: interests, product preferences, gender, age, etc.

  • Creation of cluster groups based on their metadata: activity, engagement, behavior on the website or app, etc.

  • Personalized marketing across various channels.

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Sales Funnel and Sales Pipeline

A sales funnel is a tool that illustrates the opportunities that drop off. We develop an excellent tool for giving a high-level overview of conversions. To help you manage your daily pipeline tasks we can provide you with a sales pipeline. It outlines each step of your customer’s journey from discovery to retention.

  • Predicts anticipated revenue.

  • View account status.

  • Identifies where clients tend to get stuck.

  • Creates follow-up accountability.

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Keep in touch with your patients and provide the best remote services

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Automation of marketing and workflow

Social Media

We are able to develop a monitoring and automation tool for social media that is essential for those that rely heavily on promotion within these platforms.

  • Track the content and numbers of posts, shares, comments, and mentions.

  • Get to know the audience’s interests.

  • A monitoring tool that provides information on what people say about your brand, products, or services online.

  • Personal propositions based on gathered information.

  • Automated message responses.

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The development and incorporation of an email marketing tool into your CRM solution could prove beneficial for communication. It frees a lot of time that your staff may spend manually replying to letters and allows for better follow-up campaigns.

  • Configurable templates and scripts for quick manual responses.

  • Automatic response system.

  • Automatic follow-up system.

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CRM systems can help you optimize day-to-day operations by streamlining mundane workloads, which enables employees to focus on creative and more high-level assignments.

  • Automatically fill in phone numbers, mailing addresses, or past activity.

  • Automatically connect clients with the right representative.

  • Comprehensive and user-friendly list of clients.

  • Tools for tracking communication history and activity.

  • System for managing phone scripts.


Analytics and Reporting

We offer the development services of tools that are designed to segment your customer base for a personalized approach and help boost satisfaction rates. It will help you follow the attribution and provide insights into the quality of the customer experience. The reporting tool in your solution will simplify daily operations and make your staff more effective.

  • Keep track of and measure the effectiveness of different promotion channels.

  • Analytics tool.

  • Suggestions about lead priority.

  • Statistics on conversion rates, retention rates, finances, and more.

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Additional Features


We are able to integrate your custom CRM with various kinds of third-party software that you are currently using or plan to use to make the process of operating your business as seamless as possible.


The security management of your CRM is critical for ensuring the effectiveness and successful development of your company. We offer you a series of powerful tools to control access and privileges within your records and prevent any data loss or leakage.

Multiplatform Accessibility

We can develop a CRM product that will be accessible for your employees from any platform and any device. We are able to support different desktop operating systems, develop a mobile application or a web application.

CRM Can Be Optimized for Your Business Sphere

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Automotive Industry

Car dealers will be able to better connect with customers, quickly resolve issues, promote new car models, and make personalized promotion campaigns.

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Banking Industry

Many successful banks use the integration of custom CRM software solutions to increase staff efficiency, set up automation of support systems, improve service, and resolve issues.

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Education Sector

For schools and universities, CRM software solutions can aid with communication between administration, tutors, students, and boost the popularity of your educational facility.

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Financial Institutions

For everyone in the financial sector custom CRM software integration will help communication, boost trust, and attract new clients.

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Healthcare providers will benefit from features that improve communication with patients, help to provide excellent support, and boost brand awareness.

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Hospitality Industry

These solutions will improve the relationship with your guests, provide improved service, do precise targeting, resolve issues quickly, and effectively promote your services.

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Human Resources

HRs will be able to automate a huge part of the recruiting process, find potential employees quicker, and maintain great communication with the applicants.

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Insurance Agencies

With CRM software insurance agencies will be able to simplify a lot of everyday operations, manage thousands of clients, and increase the efficiency of communication.

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Manufacturing Companies

Optimize many time-consuming processes, get customers easier, optimize your products, close deals quicker, and grow your company.

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Pharmaceutical Industry

With CRM software pharma companies can optimize and personalize marketing, improve service, and optimize products according to the market’s demand.

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Real Estate

The real estate business will benefit from CRM and get more meaningful and personalized communication with clients, and market forecasts.

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Integration of CRM software will help increase the quality of the services that you provide, make everything more accessible and simple, allow for personalized ads and effective customer support.

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