Web-based Software Development and Consulting, Driven by Data Analysis & Research

Ternala is an experienced and professional provider of IT services that include consulting, development, optimization, marketing, and support. We are able to develop personalized ready-to-use IT solutions for all types of businesses and organizations.


This is How Ternala
Can Help your business

We will diagnose the problems that your business might be facing right now and discover a range of possible digital solutions. Explore new opportunities that might not be obvious to you currently to ensure the growth and development of your projects.

Discover a range of possible digital solutions - 1

We will propose technical and/or organizational solutions that may benefit your business, estimate the budget, cost-effectiveness, time to implement, short-term and long-term benefits, all this in a timely manner.

Estimate the budget, cost-effectiveness, time to implement, short-term and long-term benefits - 2

We will design and develop IT solutions that are tailored to the needs of your business, prompt efficiency, drive sales, and optimize the usage of your company’s resources, all while staying user-friendly and being easy to tweak and configure further down the line.

Design and develop IT solutions - 3

We will do marketing and promotion of your project. We can optimize your websites with SEO and make your product look more appealing to a wider audience. Then we are able to promote it through various advertising methods.

Marketing and promotion of your project - 4

We are able to perform continuous maintenance of any project that we are involved with to monitor its performance and efficiency, change certain aspects based on gathered data and analysis, make gradual improvements.

Perform continuous maintenance of any project - 5

Who we are

Ternala is a web-oriented development and consulting company that aims to make sophisticated web software accessible for everyone.

We rely heavily on data-driven decision-making and employ only the most proven methods and techniques during the development and enhancement of products.

By offering our clients innovative and game-changing solutions we focus on what truly matters to achieve the biggest impact quickly and efficiently.

If our ways resonate with you then let’s work and thrive for success together!

Web software accessible for everyone
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