Healthcare Web-Based Software Development

Ternala can design and develop a complete custom solution for you as a healthcare provider that will cover most of the operational and analytical needs of your facility. We are proficient in the development of multifunctional Health Information System and Virtual Clinic Software that are fully tailored to the needs of your business.

Having innovative programs will allow you to:

  • Attract new clients by providing better and more convenient service.

  • Automate day-to-day activities.

  • Optimize data acquisition, transfer, and analysis.

  • Support clinical practices

Healthcare web-based software development

Key Beneficiaries & Features they'll Receive

Healthcare software development for patients illustration
For Patients

Patient portal, Virtual Clinic, Telemedicine software.

Healthcare software development for clinicians illustration
For Clinicians

Electronic Health Records Software, Clinical Decision Support, Remote Patient Monitoring.

Healthcare software development for management illustration
For Management

Resource and Patient Management System. Clinical, financial, administrative management tools.


Development of Patient Portal and Personal Health Records (PHR)

These are the secure online services that provide users the ability to view their health data without the assistance of a clinician.

  • Schedule an appointment

  • View calendar of upcoming events

  • View personal data

  • Examine lab tests results

  • Inspect the list of prescribed medications

  • Make prescription refill requests

Healthcare software development of patient portal and personal health records

Development of Virtual Healthcare and Telemedicine Software

Applications for virtual doctor visits allow your clients to avoid the expense, burden, and time spent traveling to and from clinics or doctor’s offices when it’s not mandatory.

  • Video calls and text messaging with the doctor.

  • Meetings and consultations.

  • Check-ins.

  • Status reports.

  • Supervision of situations or procedures from remote locations.

Development of virtual healthcare and telemedicine software

Keep in touch with your patients and provide the best remote services

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Resource and Patient Management System (RPMS) Development

RPMS is a decentralized custom integrated solution for the supervision of therapeutic, financial, and administrative data that we can implement for your facility.

  • Automate administrative tasks and manage daily operations.

  • Conduct healthcare planning, delivery, and research.

  • Record and compile data for various programs.

  • Schedule procedures and appointments.

  • Manage the stock of supplies.

  • Apply integrated billing system.

Healthcare software resource and patient management system development


Integration with third-party HIE Systems

HIE integration allows you to access and securely share EHRs between various facilities nationwide to improve the speed, quality, safety, and cost of care.

HIE can be implemented via a directed exchange, query-based exchange, consumer mediated exchange depending on the business requirements.

Full compatibility with the Nationwide Health Information Network (NwHIN), the Master Patient Index (MPI), and the Continuity of Care Document C32 or other standards can be implemented on demand.

Legal Compliance and Security

We can ensure full Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and Health Information Technology for Economics and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act compliance of the medical programs to eliminate legal risks and guarantee the security of data flow. Along with HIPAA compliance, we are able to implement modern security features to enhance the reliability of the whole system.

This process includes several steps:

  • Audit Control

  • Control of Access

  • Tracking and Identity Management

  • Data Encryption and Decryption

  • The Security of Data Transmission

Multiplatform Approach

We are keen on development of products with a multiplatform approach to make it compatible across a wide range of systems and devices. More and more people prefer to use their phones to interact with the website of your facility, use an app, or any other medical program.

We specialize in designing products for these platforms:

  • Web

  • Mobile Applications

  • On-site terminal

Best Performance

We pay great attention to the performance of the software that we develop to ensure that it works flawlessly. Your staff and clients will appreciate how fast and precise our software works and get the best possible experience when using it.

  • Properly Tested

  • Quick and Responsive

  • SEO optimized

User-friendly Design

We design our products in tandem with our clients to tailor every product to the needs of your facility. Our core principles are that design of any product must be easy to grasp, pleasant, not destructing, and professionally looking.

Our design principles are:

  • Inclusive

  • Modern

  • Professional

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