eCommerce Development Solutions

Our task is to understand your business goals, essential features for your online store, and requirements specific to your industry. From that perspective, we can suggest the right approach and suitable development services. We will help you to decide on a cost-efficient solution that is perfect for your business model, e-store size, and specific objectives.
We can build your e-shop utilizing a well-equipped monolithic platform to handle everything in your web store when you, for example, opt for e-commerce with a simple product portfolio to expand your business from brick-and-mortar to online.
We can suggest a custom, headless, or composable approach to elaborate any complex solutions for you flexibly and efficiently when your company looks to build complex business-critical e-commerce.

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Key Beneficiaries & Features they'll Receive

E-commerce development marketing features illustration
Marketing Features

Optimized for Search Engines & Advertisement, User Activity tracking

E-commerce development user experience illustration
User Experience

Appealing & Convenient Interface, Personalised Experience, and Order Management

E-commerce development third-party integrations illustration
Third-party Integrations

Payment systems, SRM, ERP, SAP, Product Import & Export

User Experience Features

Product Catalog & Product Page

The main task of any Product Catalog Page is to help visitors self-select the next step on their journey. The essential elements we use in developing a Product Catalog to meet its purpose:

  • A well-defined product category name to help users get your categories and the search engines to find them.

  • A simple and obvious image to represent the entire category.

  • Sub-categories to guide prospects to the Product Detail Page for the chosen item.

  • An option of selecting the price range to qualify users and prevent disappointment.

  • Ratings and reviews to reflect quality.

  • Optimized Filtering to get elaborate and stay effective.

The Product Page contains all the necessary information to establish the sale or guide a prospect to a better-suited product. Our approach to building product pages to boost sales:

  • Product names include as many words as possible to rank better in Google searches.

  • Product description focuses on the user's desires, pain points, and questions.

  • High-quality photos and videos showcase products from every angle.

  • We set up a clear call-to-action button in a prominent place to nudge visitors to make a purchase.

  • We use product reviews, certifications, customer endorsements, and authentic user-generated content to leverage social proof and increase trust.

E-commerce development product catalog and product page

Product Cart

It is a logical continuation of the user’s path towards the purchase. We design cart management as a pop-up window to customers that can reaffirm what they intend to purchase in detail. The main objective is to build confidence and trust in your store and reduce cart abandonment. Here are a few essential features of the shopping cart to push the order creation process further:

  • Essential information on the product’s size, color, availability, shipping terms, quantity, and price.

  • An image of that exactly product that was ordered.

  • Easy to change quantity or delete a product

  • Prominent “continue checkout” button and a button to “continue shopping”

E-commerce development product cart


That last step in the sales cycle is essential. Our task here is to streamline your checkout process, make it as fast as possible, and so reduce your abandoned cart rate and increase conversions. The key components of a checkout page design:

  • Summary page. Customers overview their cart contents and click the "proceed checkout" button.

  • Login, Sign up, or guest checkout.

  • Billing and shipping information. Customers enter their billing information and delivery details and can see if any shipping fees or extra costs are included in the total.

  • Preview order. Customers make a final review of the order and total pricing and can confirm a purchase.

E-commerce development checkout

Order management

Order processing can make or break the user experience after the completed transaction

The development of custom automated shipping and delivery solutions for your eCommerce website will allow your staff to:

  • Control orders and shipments effectively.

  • Keep track of order status with the notifications function.

  • Automate the delivery process.

  • Deliver items on time.

  • Always ship the correct item.

  • Integrate with ERP and shipping services.

E-commerce development order management

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We can build or integrate any third-party program into your online store. There are many options to add to an eCommerce that will help you operate your digital sales and streamline business processes

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

ERP integration will allow you to effectively supervise your online business.

  • Simplify and better organize daily operations such as procurement and supply chains.

  • Improve efficiency.

  • Lower functioning and operational costs.

  • Reduce risks related to a human factor.


Our engineers can integrate a CRM within your eCommerce to collect data on all customer interactions on the website. A CRM tool analyzes each step of the customer journey so you can:

  • Detect pain points in the shopping experience.

  • Prevent lost sales due to cart abandonment.

  • Make support more effective.

  • Manage loyalty programs.

  • Personalize promotions.

Product Import & Export Plugin

This plugin that allows you to easily deal with your items by using spreadsheets. After entering the details about an item, you’ll be able to add them into your online store.

  • Easily deal with your item list.

  • First-time product import

  • Continuous pricing updates.

  • Filter by type, category, tags, and status.

  • Import and export data and images.


You can control your finances better, be more precise, and reduce possible mistakes by integrating eCommerce with accounting software. It lets you:

  • Effectively manage the flow of money.

  • Record, monitor, and reconcile your bank accounts and transactions.

  • Collaborate with your accountant in real-time.

  • Make more informed financial decisions.

  • Gather, store and analyze financial data.

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Other Features


The security of our clients is a top priority for us. We use modern data encryption technology standards to prevent unauthorized access, modification, usage, or destruction of data. In addition, we offer the development of a continuous automatic backup function.

Multiplatform Approach

We can arrange the development of an eCommerce with a multiplatform approach to make it comfortable to use across different devices. We can make your service accessible from any device in the form of a website or a mobile app.


We incorporate the latest trends during the development of the website that’ll make it look modern and appealing as well as stay up to date longer. Reasonable simplicity, professional look, and well-defined branding will boost the recognition of your brand and seamlessly lead users to purchase your items.


We can create an eCommerce to be marketing-ready out of the box. We conduct Search Engine Optimisation on a professional level and do advertisement campaigns to reach different groups of people within your audience.
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