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Leave it to the team of professionals at Ternala to create a niche social media network for you. We’ll help you better define your niche and target audience. We’ll include all the necessary features along with a modern and functional design for your app or website. With our help, you’ll have a high chance of catching the attention of a highly passionate user base that will engage with your service on a daily basis.

By letting us manage your project you can count on the following benefits:

  • Professional looking, well-functioning, and user-friendly system.

  • Have a passionate, engaged, and tightly-knit community.

  • Successful development of your brand

  • Various monetization options for app and web versions

  • Attract sponsors and investors

Custom social media network

Key Beneficiaries & Features they'll Receive

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Media Sharing

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Consumer Reviews

Main Features

Sign Up

The first thing that any user encounters when starting to use your social media networking system is the signup. We believe that the authentication process must be as straightforward and easy as possible.

During the development of the signup function we focus on:

  • Ability to create an account quickly

  • Different authentication options

  • Security and privacy

Niche social media network sign up

User Profile

A user profile should provide the freedom for users to express their personality and share it with the rest of your user base.

The users will be able to:

  • Fill in personal info and contact information.

  • Add details based on the theme of your service.

  • Customize avatar, background, visual style of the profile.

Niche social media network user profile

News Feed

The feed is used by users as the main place to view various kinds of content. We design the feed to be seamless to navigate and comfortable to use.

During the development of the feed we can include these features:

  • View news, posts, links, photos, and videos posted by other users.

  • Personalization: choose what content to view and what to limit.

  • Endorse or discourage content.

  • Follow users or subscribe to various content.

Niche social media network news feed


The communication module allows users to talk to each other within your service. The chat is a vital function for any modern social media network.

We can include these functions during the development of the communication module:

  • Instant messaging

  • Voice and video calls

  • Photo, video, file sharing

Niche social media network chat

Search Bar

The search bar allows users to conveniently find certain content or other users within the system.

After the development of the search bar your users will be able to:

  • Search for users, posts, messages.

  • Use names, tags, location, etc.

  • Instantly view search results.

Niche social media network search bar

Post Creation

Every social media thrive due to high-quality user-generated content and, as a result, the post creation functions must be advanced and comfortable to use.

We develop post creation with features like:

  • Advanced text editor

  • Ability to attach photo and video

  • Ad locations, tags, links

  • Create surveys

Niche social media network post creation

Push Notifications

Push notifications will allow users to keep being updated on messages and news within your service. The moment that a piece of information that is configured to initiate a notification goes live your users will be updated on it.

Notifications can be triggered by:

  • New posts

  • Mentions

  • Personal Messages

Niche social media network push notifications

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Additional Features


Your own social media network opens great opportunities for monetization. You’ll be able to place ads directly within your system. Typically the audience of the niche system is greatly invested in the theme of your service and thus will respond to the ads that match it much better.

You’ll be able to do:

  • In-App Advertisements

  • Personalized ad campaigns

  • Ask higher price for third-party ads

Maintenance and Support

Our cooperation shouldn’t end after we successfully develop and launch the product. We offer continuous support and maintenance. We are able to measure the success of the product and tweak certain things and continue the post-launch development. We can also work on expanding your project to keep it always relevant.

  • Post-release app updates

  • Development of new features

  • Continuous support


We are able to provide you with your own analytics software that will allow you to more effectively manage your social media.

  • Track engagement

  • View how users interact with specific features

  • Measure the effectiveness of ads

Multiplatform Approach

Your service will benefit a lot by being inclusive and accessible from any device. We can build the system to be accessible for users from their laptops, tablets, and phones through browsers or applications. At the same time, depending on your specific needs we can focus only on the website or mobile app development.

We are able to support:

  • IOS App

  • Android App

  • macOS

  • Windows

  • Linux

Project Lifecycle

Market Research and Competitor Analysis

Before starting the development of the social media network we conduct a thorough analysis of your competitors in the specific niche and do market research to ensure that we make a product that will be successful.

This process includes four stages:

  • Identification of target audience

  • Research of competition

  • Risk assessment

  • Preparation of the roadmap

Niche social media network market research and competitor analysis


When it comes to designing the functional and visual parts of social media we take the previously done research into account to narrow down the list of essential features to make your product best suited for the audience that we are catering to. We follow a four-part design cycle and keep open communication with our clients to ensure the best results.

These stages include:

  • Sketching

  • Wireframing

  • Prototyping

  • Visual Design

Niche social media network design


Then comes the development phase. By relying on gathered data and finished design our development team makes the back-end functional carcass of the product by putting to good use their experience and latest technological innovations. After that, we make the front-end, a visual and interactive part of the product that is accessible to the end-user. A combination of great back-end and stunning front-end will deliver the smoothest and most comfortable experience to your users.

We heavily rely on:

  • Latest Technologies

  • Proven Techniques

  • Appropriate Programing Languages

  • User-Centered Approach

Niche social media network development

Optimization and QA

Finally, we optimize the whole system according to modern standards of SEO and security. We develop a final product that is easy to promote and looks and feels excellent.

Your future system will be:

  • Marketing-ready

  • Search engine optimized

  • Thoroughly tested

  • Secure according to modern standards

Niche social media network optimization and qa
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