Lead Distribution System Development

We specialize in the design and development of custom lead acquisition and lead distribution systems. Our experienced team will create a solution that is tailored to your industry and the specific needs of your business. The system will be easy to use and maintain. Unlike many ready-to-use options, the system that we provide will have only necessary functions without any bloat. The speed with which you servicing your client is the key to the sale success and a custom-built LADS will allow you and your staff to process contacts with maximum efficiency!

Lead distribution system development

Key Beneficiaries & Features they'll Receive

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Internal lead distribution system development illustration
Internal Distribution

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External distribution


Multiple Sources

You will be able to effortlessly acquire new contacts from different sources. We can help you set up an automated process of lead generation through:

  • Emails

  • Website or Landing Page form Submissions

  • Call Back Forms and Direct Calls

  • Social Media and Text Messengers.

Lead distribution system development multiple sources

Best Practices

By striving for perfection we develop the system according to the best modern standards. You’ll gain the ability to easily gather contact information and quickly understand their needs. All of this requires little to no effort from the contacts themselves.

  • Progressive interface design that is done with great aesthetics and user experience in mind.

  • Mindful design of form’s structure in the form of a quiz.

  • Comprehensive questions with a reasonable quantity of options and the ability to select a discrete answer.

  • Option to include additional information about the approximate time it will take to fill in the form and privacy terms.

Lead distribution system development best practices

Keep in touch with your patients and provide the best remote services

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If contact was acquired to be used within the company, then it is in your best interests to assign them to the most competent specialist. The service that we can develop will do that for you based on configurable criteria. The system will match the contact with a specialist that will be able to be the most helpful, provide the best experience and generate the biggest profit for your business while minimizing the resources and time spent. We’ll create a platform with profiles for your staff that will include:

  • Specialist’s skill set and qualities to automatically match them with specific leads.

  • Interaction history and other related metrics like the speed of sale closure, number of closed deals, client reviews, etc.

  • Other data including the one from external sources.

Internal lead distribution system development


The LADS system can be used to acquire and distribute contacts for other businesses. All of the acquired information can be partially or fully disclosed to a third party for a profit. You’ll be able to generate a database and then sell the information to those who are interested in it. Two main forms of data selling are:

  • Exclusive sale to the highest bidder through the auction or other method.

  • Selling the same information to multiple buyers for even higher profits.

External lead distribution system development

Other Features:

Sophisticated Control Panel

We are able to develop an advanced control panel to help you with configuring and managing various aspects of your LADS.

Within the control panel you’ll be able to:

  • Easily add and change contact forms for lead generation.

  • Set up and tweak different parameters and criteria for distribution.

  • Manage the external distribution between different clients.

  • Report system

Statistics and Analytics

Ternala can provide you with excellent statistics and analytics tools to help you increase the efficiency of lead generation and allocation. Make data-driven tactical and strategic decisions and changes to the system to increase profits and meet your business goals!

Maintenance and Support

After the software is complete and fully operational our cooperation doesn’t end. We are able to provide continuous support, tweak and change various aspects of the product to make it better suited for you when the priorities of your business inevitably change. We can ensure that the system will always work with maximum efficiency and satisfy your needs.


It can easily be integrated with other software that you are currently using, be part of your CRM, or function within any other system. Gain full control over your leads, connect them with your managers, and keep all of the lead data in one place by integrating the LADS with the entirety of your software suite!

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