Learning Management System (LMS) Development Services

If you are in need of software for managing all kinds of educational courses then look no further than Ternala! Our development team can provide you with a custom-made learning management system that is meant to help you with the creation, supervision, and distribution of educational materials. Our experienced team is able to design LMS software with convenience in mind and tailor it to the specific needs of your business.

This software can give clear benefits to your organization:

  • Quick and convenient creation and distribution of educational material

  • Standardization of studying process

  • Engaging reward and evaluation methods

  • Better communication and instant feedback

  • Built-in monetization module

Learning management system development services

Key Beneficiaries & Features they'll Receive

Learning management system for corporations illustration
For Corporations

Learning management system for educational facilities illustration
For Educational Facilities

Learning management system for non-profit organisations illustration
For Non-Profit Organisations

Main Features

Content Management System

CMS is the part of the software that is focused solely on content. It’s the backbone of your software no matter the application. We can provide you with a user-friendly CMS that will make material distribution and consumption pleasant and accessible for everyone!

  • Create and add materials

  • Securely host data locally or on a cloud

  • Easily manage your studying materials

Learning management and content management system


A communication module will provide a virtual classroom environment for remote lessons and a convenient place for communication within the software itself. At Ternala we can help you with the best solutions to keep in touch.

  • Instant messaging

  • Chat rooms

  • Voice over IP (VoIP) calls

  • Stream live video and audio events

  • Personal and group notifications

Learning management system and communication


Gamification is a series of techniques that borrow game mechanics and game design elements to increase engagement during the studying process. Ternala specializes in the development of a gamified system that is engaging and fun to use!

  • Badges, achievements, and levels that are gained after task completion

  • Advancements: points, in-app currency, progress bars

  • Leaderboards

  • Various other rewards for course completion

Learning management system gamification


Quizzes are an integral part of every studying program. We can create various quiz forms that are easy to set up since they support drag-and-drop functionality for you to use in conjunction with other LMS modules.

  • Standard tests with one or multiple answers

  • Fill-in-the-blank tasks

  • Quizzes with open-ended questions

  • Other interactive types of quizzes

Learning management system quizzes


We can create a fully integrated monetization module that allows you to monetize your educational courses and sell them to a wide audience. Organizations that specialize in the development and distribution of educational material as their main service will benefit from this option the most.

  • Various integrated payment options

  • Included one-time, subscription, and other payment models

  • Incorporated discounts, coupons, and bonuses

Learning management system monetization

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Compliance Training

This is a process of employee coaching in a company. It aims to educate them on matters that are applicable to their position. We can develop software that is user-friendly, modern, and effective.

  • Easy to set up and update courses

  • Assign tasks with deadlines

  • Test your workers

  • Automate data records and reports

Learning management system compliance training

Enterprise Learning

A great way to educate your workers on their responsibilities and company rules is to set up an enterprise training management system. Our development team can create software that will reduce risks, give you more knowledge about the people that work for you, and increase their efficiency.

  • Distribute learning material and assign tasks

  • Use criteria filters like position, team, and skills

  • Give clear info on corporate rules, vision, plans

  • Curate online and offline educational events

Learning management system for enterprise learning

Extended Enterprise Learning

This type of LMS is aimed at your external partners and customers. We can develop software that aims to distribute educational material on how to work with and how to use the products and services that your company provides.

  • Get to know your customer base and partners better

  • Gain competent partners

  • Boost brand awareness

  • Get additional revenue

  • Acquire tools for data tracking and analysis

Learning management system for extended enterprise learning

Human Resources

Educating your HRs on changes in the company’s plans and policies as well as updating them on the latest industry trends used to be a tedious and expensive process. Our development team can create an advanced HR LMS that covers most of these issues.

  • Distribute educational material between your HRs

  • Assign and evaluate tasks

  • Track and analyze input

Learning management system for human resources


Every educational facility requires a fully fleshed-out e-learning management system. It gives tools for managing studying via the internet and supplements offline activities. We are offering you the development of LMS for students, parents, tutors, and administration.

  • Creation and distribution of educational material

  • Tools for task assignment, evaluation, and analysis

  • Supervision of individual and group projects

  • Feedback gathering functionality

Learning management system for education


An LMS is very useful for non-profits who need to educate their workers, provide information to their partners and enlighten the general public on their cause. We are able to develop a solution for non-profit organizations that will help you with that.

  • Streamline the educational material distribution

  • Instantly share PR materials

  • Receive meaningful feedback

Learning management system for non-profit

Other Features


We can create a software interface that is visually pleasing, simple, and modern. The style that we use will maximize the longevity of your LMS. We prioritize only the necessary options and tailor the software to the needs of your company.

Analytics and Reporting

We offer administrative analytics and report tools that allow you to make improvements, increase engagement, and improve the cost-effectiveness of courses.

Multiplatform Accessibility

We can develop LMS API in a form of native app, cross-platform apps, mobile web apps that are operational across a wide range of devices.


To create a seamless workflow, this software has to be fully integrated with other aspects of your company. LMS can be easily integrated with CRM, external CMS, Social Media, etc.


If you are currently using multiple pieces of software for managing educational data or are unhappy with your current setup due to a lack of options or complexity then we offer you our LMS migration service.

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