Professional Mobile Software Development and Support

Ternala can provide some of the best mobile app development services on the market. Our professional team of highly passionate and talented designers, developers, QAs, and marketing specialists is eager to bring your vision into reality. We have delivered exceptional quality products for many years by following leading industry standards along with the newest trends. We offer you full-cycle mobile software development services for all platforms and produce captivating, modern, responsive, easy to use, and engaging solutions.

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Mobile App Development Process

Full-Cycle Development

Multiplatform Approach

For Any Industry

Professional Mobile Software Development and Support

Full-Cycle Development

Our agency takes pride in our highly productive and efficient full-cycle mobile app development process which allows us to cater to the specific needs of any project. We work with businesses of all sizes, from startups to enterprises, and fit various budget requirements. Here is how it looks like:

App Development Full Cycle Development

Discovery and Planning

During the first development phase, we work out the project requirements and align our perspectives. Then we chart the plan for the whole project moving forward while maintaining regular and open communication with our client. We brainstorm ideas and discuss what is feasible to accomplish within the monetary and temporal constraints.

We tackle the following problems during this phase:

  • Discovering the requirements and goals for the project

  • Fitting projects requirements to the budget and time constraints

  • Researching target audience and market competition

  • Creating a detailed plan for the project

App Development Discovery and Planning Process

UI/UX Design and Development

The next phase involves the development of UI wireframes, UX mockups, and the prototypes of the mobile app. Our designers and developers work side by side and share our work with the client after completing each stage. Here’s some more on the specifics of our work during this phase:

  • UX wireframes are the first drafts of the pages, their hierarchy, structure, elements’ layout, and main functions.

  • UI mockups put the visual elements, style, colors, buttons, and text over the wireframes to achieve a complete picture of the product.

  • Prototypes are the first interactable and functional version of the software developed for testing and further improvements leading to the launch.

App Development UI/UX Design and Development

QA, Launch, and Long-Term Support

During the final phase the product is heavily tested by our QA team to find and resolve as many issues as we can before the launch. Then we finally launch the mobile app and monitor its performance afterward. We can provide long-term support for your project and make gradual improvements after launch. To sum it up, during the last phase we:

  • Do extensive testing and problem resolving

  • Launch and monitor performance

  • Provide long-term support, and make gradual improvements

App Development Qa, Launch and Long Term Support

Multiplatform Approach

Our company works with a wide range of platforms and puts to use various modern programming and design techniques. If you are not sure what technology or platform will work best for your project, we can help you figure out the solution that works best in your specific case. Here’s the list of supported platforms and technologies:

  • Native iOS Applications

  • Native Android Applications

  • Hybrid Applications

  • Cross-Platform Apps

  • Progressive App Development

  • Single Page Application Development

App Development Multi-platform Approach

For Any Industry

We have experience in developing products in every industry. No matter in which sphere your business operates, we are happy to help you. Our development services extend to industries like:

  • Finances and Banking

  • Retail and eCommerce

  • Real Estate

  • Hospitality and Travel

  • Human Resources

  • Healthcare and Pharmacy

  • Insurance

  • Manufacturing

  • Education

Mobile App Development Process for Any Industry
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